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Innovative Beauty Academy Homepage Image. Two PMU Educators.
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About Us


Hey, there! We're the Innovative Beauty Academy, and we're happy you're here. Our primary focus is empowering you with everything you need to build a successful career for yourself as a permanent makeup artist. We know what our students are capable of, and that's why we hold them to the highest standards so they can stand out in a constantly growing industry. 

Our business was born from a place of passion and a drive to share our decades of industry knowledge and experience with people like you. We're not about gatekeeping here. We're here to help you open doors and smash your goals. 

We can't wait to meet you. But in the meantime, here's a bit more about us. 

Who We Are


Founders Ciara and Jennifer are industry-leading PMU Specialists who both hold over 30 Masterclass Permanent Makeup Certifications. 

Jen is an industry icon who never shies away from a challenge. She pushes boundaries to give her clients exactly what they want with no exceptions. Her experience is backed by more than 30 globally recognized Master-level certifications. She is known for her ability to create custom powdered brows and corrective work. She is passionate about areola reconstruction and a true master of her craft. As an educator, Jen is charismatic and warm, showing her students how far their training can take them and empowering them to kick-start their careers confidently. 


Ciara is a master of her trade. She is a Certified Esthetician with more than ten years of experience and has obtained more than 30 specialty certificates within the industry. She is an expert Microblading and Permanent Make-Up artist, a multi-certified Eyelash EXtension Technician, a double-certified Waxing Technician and a Laser Technician. Ciara's knowledge and experience stretch to every corner of the industry, and her students are lucky to have her as their mentor. Forever learning and passionately teaching, Ciara is doing precisely what she was born to do.


Together, Jen and Ciara are a dynamic team that refuses to compromise when it comes to the education and experience they offer their students. These two are big-hearted, bad-ass, and exactly who you want in your corner.

Permanent makeup artist doing Hybrid Brows at a studio for microblading in calgary.
An image of Innovative Beauty owner, permanent makeup artist, teaching Hybrid Brows to beauty industry professionals.

What We Do

While Jen and Ciara both have successful PMU practices, they have built the Innovative Beauty Academy to introduce the next generation of gifted artists to the space. 


The Academy offers a range of courses, including Premium Hybrid Brows, Full Premium PMU, and more. These courses are done through a combination of online and in-person learning so students can work at their own pace while gaining the critical hands-on skills they need.


Not only do their students know that they are in the most capable hands, but they know they are being held to the highest standards. Jen and Ciara base their success on the success of their students, so you better believe they offer top-of-the-line education. Even this training manual is the largest in Canada, filled with everything you need to understand permanent makeup application from start to finish. 


These courses are made with an understanding of what you need to succeed as a permanent makeup artist. The Innovative Beauty team knows how incredible your future can be and they're here to help you get there. 

Everybrow microblading course in Calgary.
permanent makeup artists learning at an eyebrow microblading training.

Why We're Different


Just telling you that we're different from other beauty institutes isn't enough, so let us tell you why. First and foremost, our courses are run by two currently-practicing professionals. This is important because our industry changes every single day. With advancements in technology and the rapidly-changing trend cycle, there's always something new to learn. Our educators are constantly expanding their skill sets, learning new techniques, and evolving their practices so you can receive the most relevant and valuable education in today's beauty industry. 

We would never cut corners. Your education is our priority, and we would never dream of selling your future short. While online education is increasing in popularity, we maintain the necessity of hands-on training. Our programs are hybrid, with a self-guided portion that can be done anywhere. But, we wouldn't dream of sending you out into the world without the technical experience you need to confidently and properly serve your future clients. The easy way is not the right way, and we're not taking shortcuts when it comes to your education and the future of your career. 

We are human! We're fun, approachable, and 100% real. We don't sugarcoat anything, we listen to your unique goals and aspirations, and we take an interest in who you are and the future you're building. The beauty industry can be competitive and intimidating, but you're not going to find that here. You can expect to gain an entire community of supportive peers in both your educators and your classmates. The support doesn't end when your training does. This is just the beginning. 

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