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At Innovative Beauty Academy we believe our success is measured by that of our students. Team work makes the dream work! We are here for you every step of the way. Our journey together does not end once you successfully complete our course. We continue to support you through our 12 month mentorship program which includes educator support, constructive criticism, live chats, networking, marketing strategy advice, client liaison assistance, and much more. We are passionate about ensuring every one of our graduates leaves with a new found confidence and the tools to thrive. 



Multiple Course Graduate

I took my first class with innovative in January 2019. I was nervous, hesitant, unsure about where this new path might take me and if I was making the right choice. Immediately after my first day I knew I made the right choice. Ciara and Jen are BY FAR the most supportive, confident, next level educators that take you from brand new to you freaking got this girl! I’ve taken multiple courses with them and leave confident in my education and skills. From in class to day to day, these ladies are ready to help 24-7 no matter the issue. I have PERSONALLY called them out of the blue with a question, a favour to ask, a voice to cam my nerves, and although they’re scheduele a are busy themselves, they ALWAYS make time for their students, current and past. I cannot thank these babes enough for kick starting my career and giving me the skills and confidence in myself to slay the game.


Hannah Watson 



Multiple Course Graduate

I can’t say enough about innovative beauty’s training.

There are so many short courses in microblading, and cosmetic tattooing, I was very reluctant to invest my money into a course I wouldn’t be satisfied with. After a short conversation with Jen, I felt ease and excitement as she too had experienced training that leaves u feeling lost and almost more confused. I have pretty high expectations when it comes to training and these girls at Innovative surpassed that.


They provide the knowledge, tools, and well rounded training, from intake forms to sanitation which are all imperative to a successful practice. But the biggest bonus is the ongoing support and feedback.

If anyone’s taken previous training then you know, the questions come up as you go, and these girls are there to answer questions and provide feedback. Having that support ongoing has been imperative to my growth and success, and probably my favourite aspect of this training. It really is what makes innovative unique and feels like a little family I can connect with when needed!


Ciara and Jen both bring their own set of skills to the table,  creating a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.


Training with innovative renewed my excitement for this industry and career, and I’m very happy with my investment, and would recommend this to anyone looking to further their skills in the PMU industry.


I’m looking forward to more education in the future!!



Multiple Course Graduate

Innovative Beauty Academy.... what can I say? It feels like being brought into a family; one where you have two incredible women and artists guiding you and cheering you on every step of the way. 


My journey to finding the “perfect fit” for a training academy was not a fast one. I had been quietly studying the industry for over two years before making the plunge. Had I waited too long? Was I going to be any good? Was I in over my head? You see, I had no prior experience in the Permananet Makeup industry. I have no experience with color theory or the artistry that was involved. I was coming from a healthcare background and and had an eagerness to learn. 


Enter Jen and Ciara. From the first moment I entered the studio, their witty banter set me at ease. They had a natural flow and rhythm to the way that they teach and their individual eyes for detail and artistic flair compliment each other. Their steady patience and determination to see myself and each of my peers (regardless of experience) succeed was by far one of my favourite elements of my courses. Since training with fabulous ladies; I have begun to grow  a business with the knowledge and passion to make it last. Each client I see, I am reminded that I have a whole tribe of women and mentors behind me every step of the way. When you make the choice to train with these women, in that wonderful place. You are finding a new home. Thank you! ❤️


Caitlin Strom 



Multiple Course Graduate

Ciara and Jen are such charismatic, knowledgeable, funny, wonderful and caring humans. You can truly tell how passionate they are about permanent makeup by the details they put into their training, their students, and their art. Innovative Beauty Academy training is incredibly in-depth with theory and practice, tips and tricks, and any and all questions in between. You leave feeling empowered, confident, and ready to elevate your career and services and their unparalleled support continues far after you have completed your certification. If you are looking to train in a supportive, knowledgeable, and fun community, look no further than Innovative Beauty Academy. They will exceed all your expectations and you will be surprised at how far you’ve come in your short time training with them. I can not recommend, love or thank them enough!


Edit: it’s now been over a month since I’ve graduated, and I still feel like I get the support of them and my peers from the class like we’re still in class. Do yourself a favour and invest in your skills and business with Innovative Beauty Academy!


PS I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! So much. I’ve never felt so rewarded, happy, fulfilled and confident about going out on my own and finally doing my own thing that I love. Thank you for giving me the education and confidence in finding my dream job!!!!!


Jenn MacDonald



Hybrid Brow Graduate

Innovative Beauty Academy is a great learning ground from beginners, intermediate or even to the experts who are wanting to further their skills.  I have been privileged to learn hybrid brow from 2 amazing educators, Ciara and Jenn, I honestly think they are the best mentors in the PMU industry!  They are the real brow ninjas!!!! I plan to go back and learn more skills to keep up with the ever evolving industry.  I give them 💖💖💖💖💖



Wendy Nidoy 

IBA _ Feanciscia_edited.jpg


Hybrid Brow Graduate 

This course changed my life! Not only was Ciara absolutely professional, extremely thorough and exceptionally knowledgeable but she also gave me all the tools and important information I needed to have at my fingertips so I could easily manifest the career I was dreaming of! She was extremely patient with me and guided me through every step while answering all my questions! I am looking forward to taking more courses very soon!!!!! 



Eyeliner Enhancement Graduate 

I recently took my eyeliner enhancement course with Jennifer. She was an amazing trainer. Jenn is very thorough in her training. I learnt so much. She made me feel confident doing the treatment and when I left. I would highly recommend anyone to take this course. ❤️



Permanent Makeup Graduate

I have had the pleasure of training with Jennifer for a few different PMU services and let me tell you she is absolutely AMAZING. She is genuinely in it to help you succeed in this industry! 

She is always there to answer any questions for me (day or night). She is very educated in this Industry.  I 100% would recommend Jennifer to anyone thinking of getting into the permanent makeup industry. If you are one of the lucky ones to be trained by her, know that you won’t be left high and dry after your training. She is ALWAYS there to help!

You won’t regret it 🖤

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